K-12 Session Info

Does your child feel overwhelmed by school and the uncertainty of the future? Stressed out by responsibilities? Is it difficult to manage their time or stay focused? Do they spend too much time on screens? Are you concerned about a major transition, such as beginning middle or high school, learning to drive, or applying for colleges? Are your relationships with family and friends suffering?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Cathy Riva’s mindfulness tools offer guidance to take ownership of everyday life. Your child will learn how to be kinder to themselves, strategies to manage conflict, and a practice that continues daily. In this course children will learn a lot AND receive quantifiable results – using a happiness score assessment. In just eight weeks we will teach everyone how to feel more relaxed .. and happy.

Benefits include:







I have been struggling with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) for many years now and before meeting Cathy, it was very hard for me to overcome my anxieties and fears. Ever since starting mindfulness, my anxiety has gone way down and I have learned that I am not alone. I have gained so much insight from Cathy and I highly recommend her!
— Thomas J Hart, age 24, Motion Graphics Designer/Video Editor

Cathy’s self acupressure technique really helps me calm my busy mind so I can fall asleep at night. I recommend her teachings to anyone who has trouble sleeping and needs to relax.
— Riley, age 13

Group Classes (Virtual and In Person)
The Details
Maximum of 20 participants.

Parents are encouraged to join us for a separate 15 minute introduction to the course – but otherwise, this is a safe space for teens.

Classes are 55 minutes long, and will take place via Zoom.

Class schedule upon request

I can confidently state that Cathy changed my life – for the better!! Not only did she teach me how to find my inner zen, but she turned my junior year of high school from the most stressful year to the most successful. Instead of focusing on the A, Cathy opened up the idea to try and be curious about the subjects. She helped me find my strengths, and once I applied them to school, I genuinely found satisfaction in learning. I created a connection to the idea of curiosity and finally felt as if my life was balanced.
— Kendra, age 16

My child was hesitant to try Mindfulness sessions, but I strongly encouraged him and even after only one session he was hooked. He really enjoyed the variety of calming experiences Cathy expertly led. He also enjoyed building his own practice and continues to use it in his daily life.
— Jennifer, Parent

The Lessons
The Science of Well-Being: Did you know that you can train your brain to focus…on purpose? We’ll introduce mindfulness and breath – because when it comes to stress and awareness, breathing is a language.

Prioritize Happiness: How can you use mindfulness to juggle responsibilities? You’ll learn how mindful time management can be used to prioritize your energy and clarify your thinking.

Secret to Success: Understand negative thinking and discover a practice to re-frame any situation with a positive focus.

Three Truths and a Lie: A conversation and practice in responsibility, how to handle situations, when to establish boundaries, and when to speak up.

TikTok You Don’t Stop: Grow your awareness of listening to your body and choosing habits that support you (and yes, we’ll do some TikTok dancing).

Is There Really a Mean Girl or a Bully Boy?: We’ll chat about emotional awareness and mindful listening to understand our own opinions and judgments.

Your Smile Lights Up Your Brain: Discover gratitude – appreciating the life you are living. Plus, we’ll add a little joyful understanding of the science behind a smile.

Compassion: The Instant De-Stressor: Dive into a global understanding of how we are all connected and how you can use your own unique gifts to help others.

Cathy offers tools that help me relax and focus. I’ve already noticed they are helping me improve in school and all other aspects of my life.
— Braden, age 13